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Tanzanian Forum Delegate Promotes Tourism

Shirika la Umeme of Tanzania appeared to be on a tourism marketing exercise whilst attending the Global Forum, enthralling us with his accounts of the amazing Zanzibar Hotels.

Just set foot on Zanzibar and wondering what can keep you busy for the duration of your stay? Don’t worry, we have given you a list of activities that you can do while enjoying the beautiful holiday destination of Zanzibar.
•    Cheetah’s Rock: If you are an ultimate animal lover, Cheetah’s Rock will be sure to satisfy your animal passion. Cheetah’s Rock has every animal you can think of and the animals are pretty friendly too. A cocktail juice can be served at arrival or departure and you can have a tour around Cheetah’s Rock, meeting and greeting all the precious creatures that are present. The staff also show great affection for the animals which is pretty much a bonus.
•    Scubafish Zanzibar Ltd: Maybe you went to Zanzibar conquer some of your fears and maybe diving is one of them. Scubafish Zanzibar Ltd is here to help you not only conquer your fears but fall in love with diving too! The staff is available to assist you in anyway possible and they know how much of a terrifying experience diving might be so they are quite patient with you. Relax; you are in safe sea hands. Scubafish are also a great source of information for the best Zanzibar accommodation.
•    Dive Point Zanzibar, Matemwe: Dive Point in Zanzibar caters for outdoor and water sports. Not only is it a water sports company but also a diving school that boosts of experienced and skilled divers. The fact that it is a diving school shows the amount of commitment the experienced divers have towards their beginners. The staff doesn’t only care about the first timers but also experienced and skilled divers who come to Dive Point. At Dive Point, your life is in safe and reliable hands.
•    Friendly Taxi’s and Tours: There is a misconception that the only activity you can get up to in Zanzibar is watersports. Wrong memo, you can get a tour around Zanzibar meeting and getting to know the community and residents better. During this tour, you have the opportunity of studying the culture and history of Zanzibar. You can hire a taxi or pre-arrange it before you get to Zanzibar so you can tour the place and get a better feel of it.
•    Palace Museum, Beit-al Sahel: If history is your thing, you might want to visit the Palace Museum, Beit-al Sahel while in Zanzibar. The museum greets you with a glorious structure as you enter the building. As you tour around the museum, you start getting an idea of the history of the people of Zanzibar. It is often said that you can’t visit a different country or city and have no interest in knowing its history. After your visit or tour of the glorious museum, you will have an idea of what Zanzibar and its people are all about.
•    Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery, Stone Town: Fancy getting inked while enjoy your holiday destination? Hurumzi Gallery Art Gallery is just the place you looking for. The small store caters for all those hand painting lovers. The store has some lovely paintings that are color, unique and creative for people who love the admiration of art. The women who work at the store are friendly and welcoming. This small store has Muslim owners who are very creative in maintaining their store in artistic and yet fascinating ways.

There are many other places that you can visit while enjoying your stay in Zanzibar. Essentially, it boils down to what kind of place you prefer. It is important also to be open to options because the whole point of visiting and touring a new place is to learn more about it.

Have fun!