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Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

infoDev’s Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a biennial flagship event convening the global innovation and entrepreneurship community to exchange know-how, establish partnerships and develop innovative approaches. infoDev is a global partnership program in the World Bank Group. Its mission is to enable innovative entrepreneurship for sustainable, inclusive growth and employment in developing countries. The Global Forum was hosted by India in 2004 and 2006, Brazil in October 2009, and Finland in May 2011. The 5th Global Forum on Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship which is hosted by the South African government (Department of Science and Technology) will be held in East London, South Africa, from 28 – 30 May, 2013.

The Global Forum attracts around 500 – 600 business incubator managers, policy-makers, SME entrepreneurs, financiers and development agencies from all continents for a unique south-south and north-south networking and knowledge-sharing experience. The Global Forum contributes to the “know-how” and the “know-who” in the global innovation and entrepreneurship community. Participants come to the event to be exposed to new business models, ideas and methodologies, as well as to meet people with similar interests in other countries and other industries and to explore partnerships and capacity-building opportunities.

South Africa presents a stimulating meeting place for stakeholders in the global and certainly African innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system. It has harnessed innovation as a cornerstone of its own transition to a knowledge-based economy and a resilient human society; it has ambitious national and regional innovation policies and inspiring inclusive innovation initiatives for social and human development, bringing together dynamic partners of the private and public sector.

The Global Forum website aims to keep readers up to date with all the local Southern African businesses that are empowering women to progress and entrepreneurship through innovative new technologies. Africa has gradually started catching up in the technology advancements enjoyed by larger first world countries. Countries like Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Senegal, Tanzania and The Democratic Republic of Congo have joined in the drive to uplift and help with the technological advancement of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the region. The introduction of government initiatives, specialized training seminars for startups and international bursaries has helped in the growth spurts seen in many areas. The Global Forum focuses on researching and showcasing businesses in the region that are making technological advancements as well as giving back to the communities that the rely on to keep the wheels of their companies turning. The Global Forum is thrilled to announce that it is finding more and more of these innovative companies embracing the local environment and thriving in it.

Claremont dentist keeps up with technological advances

We all know that technology is moving faster and faster with new products and innovations being released all the time. Buy the latest gadget today with all the bells and whistles and guaranteed in a month or two, something better with more features will be released. Technological advances and new innovations are not limited to mobile phones. These leaps ahead are seen across all industries and the equipment that is being used. The medical and dental industries are not excluded. The costs of staying abreast with technology in these industries is exorbitant. Local Cape town dentist, Dr P. Singh, chatted to us about the need to stay abreast with technological improvements. The Claremont dentist explained the costs involved for a newly qualified dentist in South Africa, who wants to start his own practice. For a dentist that has just qualified at dentistry, the capital required to start his or her own practice runs into millions of rands. In most cases many of these newly qualified dentists will already be in considerable debt, having to pay off their bank loans for their tuition fees. Dr Singh has been been based in Claremont for over seven years  now and has a broad customer base. Having all the very  latest equipment is not necessarily essential but it is still important for dentists in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa to stay abreast with technological developments in dentistry. The dental association of South Africa is well organized and helps it’s members stay abreast with global technological innovations according to Dr Singh. The Global Forum held in South Africa 2013 showcased technology and innovative strategies in many fields including dentistry. Besides servicing the areas of Claremont, Newlands and Kenilworth, Dr Singh is also conveniently situated if you are looking for dentist in Rondebosch. The dental practice is situated right in the center of these four suburbs and provides convenient traffic free access.

Claremont Cape Town

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Innovative South African Company

The Sugar Crystal Company is a South African company that has been growing from strength to strength over the past fifteen years, developing and gradually refining their process for the mass production of rock candy sticks.

sugar swizzle sticks

The company was started over fifteen years ago by Cape Town entrepreneur, Richard Morris. Richard had previously run several successful businesses in the past including FrozFrut, one of the first frozen yoghurt frozen suckers to be marketed in South Africa. The business traded very successfully , at one point securing the sole rights to sell on the prestigious Clifton Beach in Cape Town. Following on that success, Richard went on to start another great venture,  Take-the Prith, a cheese wholesale business, which he later went on to sell. In 2002, Richard, with the help of a few founding partners, started the Sugar Crystal Company. The early days were not easy and many of the founding partners fell by the wayside. Despite the difficulties in the beginning, Richard would not be swayed from his vision and pushed on, financially committing himself completely. The company gradually pulled forward, making some ground breaking innovations in the technology they were utilizing to produce the sugar crystal swizzle sticks for tea and coffee. As time passed, despite the global economic downturn, the business began exporting on a larger and larger scale, delaying with some large international clients. The Sugar Crystal Store website was launched where South African businesses and customers could order the product online for local delivery. A simple website offering all the company’s products, including their tremendously popular range of Rock Candy swizzle sticks. The Rock Candy range consists of twelve colors and zesty fruity tongue twisting flavors.


The was a huge surge in demand for the rock candy range, particularly in the blue color after the the release of the popular animated movie, Frozen. It was the latest craze for little girls to have the blue sugar crystal swizzle sticks as treats at their birthday parties. The Sugar Crystal company capitalized on this craze and production increased 3 fold to point where it was time to completely update the the factory. The business moved premises and trebled in size and capacity. The Sugar Crystal company provides employment for many African women, thanks to the innovative technology developed by them.