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Innovative South African Company

The Sugar Crystal Company is a South African company that has been growing from strength to strength over the past fifteen years, developing and gradually refining their process for the mass production of rock candy sticks.

sugar swizzle sticks

The company was started over fifteen years ago by Cape Town entrepreneur, Richard Morris. Richard had previously run several successful businesses in the past including FrozFrut, one of the first frozen yoghurt frozen suckers to be marketed in South Africa. The business traded very successfully , at one point securing the sole rights to sell on the prestigious Clifton Beach in Cape Town. Following on that success, Richard went on to start another great venture,  Take-the Prith, a cheese wholesale business, which he later went on to sell. In 2002, Richard, with the help of a few founding partners, started the Sugar Crystal Company. The early days were not easy and many of the founding partners fell by the wayside. Despite the difficulties in the beginning, Richard would not be swayed from his vision and pushed on, financially committing himself completely. The company gradually pulled forward, making some ground breaking innovations in the technology they were utilizing to produce the sugar crystal swizzle sticks for tea and coffee. As time passed, despite the global economic downturn, the business began exporting on a larger and larger scale, delaying with some large international clients. The Sugar Crystal Store website was launched where South African businesses and customers could order the product online for local delivery. A simple website offering all the company’s products, including their tremendously popular range of Rock Candy swizzle sticks. The Rock Candy range consists of twelve colors and zesty fruity tongue twisting flavors.


The was a huge surge in demand for the rock candy range, particularly in the blue color after the the release of the popular animated movie, Frozen. It was the latest craze for little girls to have the blue sugar crystal swizzle sticks as treats at their birthday parties. The Sugar Crystal company capitalized on this craze and production increased 3 fold to point where it was time to completely update the the factory. The business moved premises and trebled in size and capacity. The Sugar Crystal company provides employment for many African women, thanks to the innovative technology developed by them.