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Why Change to LED lighting ?

The use of LED or light-emitting diode has increased rapidly over the years, offering better light quality and it is a power saving smart solution. It is one of the best eco-friendly options out there and LED Lights have many benefits and advantages, here are a few ideas for you to consider.

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1.    How energy efficient are LED Lights?
LED Lights are a highly energy efficient when compared to conventional light bulbs. The conventional bulbs are only 20% efficient meaning that they only use this amount to produce light and 80% of the energy is lost as heat. The LED lights actually use 80% of the electric energy, into light and only 20% is lost to other forms of energy such as heat. The LED lights also use about 50% less electricity than other options resulting in higher energy cost savings. High Quality led bulbs in Cape Town are available from the GoGreen Guys.
2.    The LED Lights are Durable
The LED Light is very durable and do not have filaments or thin glass enclosures, can withstand rough conditions and are less likely to break easily. This type of lighting is a great outdoor option as it can withstand exposure to all types of weather conditions.
3.    Instant Light
Many lighting options need some time to reach full brightness when they are switched on. The LED lights on the other hand come on immediately at 100% brightness. This can be very helpful especially in cases where security is an issue and why they are useful in things like traffic lights. The LED lights can also be switched on and off constantly without affecting the lifespan of the lights.
4.    Amount of light is controlled
The LED lights can be made to dim when needed and this system can be easily installed. The costs to make commercial fluorescent lights dimmable is very expensive so going for the LED option will be a lot more cost effective.
5.    Can operate in very cold temperatures
Fluorescent lamps do not like cold temperatures and a higher voltage is needed to start up.  The LED lights operate well and at a higher efficiency under cold conditions and are therefore a great choice to use as refrigerator lights, in cold storage spaces and for outdoor usage.
6.    Safe to use
Heat and Ultraviolet radiation that usually comes from the normal incandescent lamps can pose a problem by being a burn hazard to you any materials close by. The Led lights produce very little Infrared Light and virtually no UV emissions. These lights can therefore be used in places like museums or art galleries. They are also good to help prevent burnt fingers.
7.    Low Voltage
This comes in handy when you go camping or is important in rural areas. A low voltage power supply is enough to light up any LED lights. You can use things like an external solar energy source to power your LED lighting. Inverters Cape Town can also be useful with voltage adjustments.
8.    Focus lighting
The glass or conventional light bulbs disperses light in all directions where the LED lights can be focused and directed in a specific direction. These lights can therefore produce light to a desired location a lot more efficiently.
9.    Eco-Friendly
Most fluorescent lights contain toxic material like mercury which is hazardous to the environment. The LED lights are free of any toxic chemicals and can be 100% recycled. The lifespan of an LED light is longer than the conventional light bulbs saving on material and production and reducing your carbon footprint. Money and energy is saved when using LED lighting.
10. Easy to use
LED Lights are easy to install and there is a variety of home and industrial products available. These lights are used from lighting walkways, kitchen lighting, even holiday lights and the list is growing every year.