Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

infoDev’s Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a biennial flagship event convening the global innovation and entrepreneurship community to exchange know-how, establish partnerships and develop innovative approaches. infoDev is a global partnership program in the World Bank Group. Its mission is to enable innovative entrepreneurship for sustainable, inclusive growth and employment in developing countries. The Global Forum was hosted by India in 2004 and 2006, Brazil in October 2009, and Finland in May 2011. The 5th Global Forum on Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship which is hosted by the South African government (Department of Science and Technology) will be held in East London, South Africa, from 28 – 30 May, 2013.

The Global Forum attracts around 500 – 600 business incubator managers, policy-makers, SME entrepreneurs, financiers and development agencies from all continents for a unique south-south and north-south networking and knowledge-sharing experience. The Global Forum contributes to the “know-how” and the “know-who” in the global innovation and entrepreneurship community. Participants come to the event to be exposed to new business models, ideas and methodologies, as well as to meet people with similar interests in other countries and other industries and to explore partnerships and capacity-building opportunities.

South Africa presents a stimulating meeting place for stakeholders in the global and certainly African innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system. It has harnessed innovation as a cornerstone of its own transition to a knowledge-based economy and a resilient human society; it has ambitious national and regional innovation policies and inspiring inclusive innovation initiatives for social and human development, bringing together dynamic partners of the private and public sector.

The Global Forum website aims to keep readers up to date with all the local Southern African businesses that are empowering women to progress and entrepreneurship through innovative new technologies. Africa has gradually started catching up in the technology advancements enjoyed by larger first world countries. Countries like Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi, Senegal, Tanzania and The Democratic Republic of Congo have joined in the drive to uplift and help with the technological advancement of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the region. The introduction of government initiatives, specialized training seminars for startups and international bursaries has helped in the growth spurts seen in many areas. The Global Forum focuses on researching and showcasing businesses in the region that are making technological advancements as well as giving back to the communities that the rely on to keep the wheels of their companies turning. The Global Forum is thrilled to announce that it is finding more and more of these innovative companies embracing the local environment and thriving in it.

Can Food become an Addiction

Trying to lose weight is for most of us a mammoth task and one that rarely turns out as we planned. We all have good intentions but invariably end up eating all the wrong unhealthy foods. Food addiction can become a very serious problem as certain foods can only lead to addiction, irrespective of how hard you try to curb the cravings.

What is food addiction?

Just as drug addicts and alcoholics are addicted to drugs and alcohol, food addicts are addicted to junk food and unhealthy foods.  There are many world class treatment centres in South Africa, particularly some of the rehabs in Cape Town. Certain areas in the brain are triggered when pleasant tasting foods are consumed which contain sugar, fat or salt. This releases chemicals such as dopamine which causes you to continue eating no matter how hard you try not to.


To suffer from food addiction does not mean that you have no willpower but is a result of biochemistry in the brain. This type of addiction is similar to other eating disorders such as bulimia and obsessive overeating. The results of food addiction can be devastating and can lead to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and depression. Apart from the physical problems, it will also destroy your self-confidence and make you very unhappy with your own body. Food addiction is serious and could even result in death.

What are the symptoms of food addiction?

It’s hard to believe that there are people that actually “suffer” from food addiction, when there are so many people dying of starvation in Africa every day.  As there is no scientific diagnosis like blood tests, for food addiction, we can only consider the behaviour patterns to diagnose the problem.

We will consider a few common or basic symptoms that are distinctive to the food addict.

  1. If you just finished a good healthy meal and feel you have had enough to eat but you crave for more unhealthy food.
  2. As soon as you start eating the unhealthy food you crave, you discover that you have eaten much more than you wanted to.
  3. Even although you feel guilty about eating certain unhealthy food you still continue eating them and you find it difficult to stop.
  4. You keep making excuses to yourself as to why you should be eating those types of foods.
  5. Even though you have tried, you find that you are unable to resist the craving for the unhealthy foods.
  6. You never share your problem with others even your own family.
  7. Although you see that your weight is increasing and it worries you, you are unable to control the craving. You can’t stop even when it is causing harm to your body.

If you have answered yes to 3 or 4 of the above you may have an eating problem. If the figure is 5 or more then you might consider getting help for a food addiction. Ixande Treatment centre is a world class Cape Town Rehab that has been in existence for nearly 20 years.

Is there help for the food addict?

It appears that it is very difficult for the food addict to break the habit. A food addict still needs to eat every day and can’t really avoid the issue altogether; to completely stop eating junk food is very difficult.

You need to make a definite decision to avoid unhealthy foods permanently and to try and not give in to any cravings.  To assist you it will be worth it to make a few lists. The lists can contain positive thoughts and a list that reminds you of things you should try and avoid. Make sure you keep it in your wallet or on the fridge door for easy reference.

The list of things not to do can sound a bit harsh, but this isn’t about weight loss or a simple issue. It is a serious addiction problem and must be treated as such.

Here is a very basic example of what you can write down on a list:

Positive thoughts:

  • I will lose weight
  • I will live longer
  • I will have more strength and feel better.

Be aware of what not to do:

  • I should not eat cake at a birthday party.
  • I should not eat ice cream when offered.
  • I should not be allowed too many carbohydrates with my meal.

It is important to write all these thoughts down even if they sound strange, and then take the two lists next to each other and ask the question “Is it worth it”. Then if you have answered “yes” you can be sure that you will succeed in managing your addiction, but you must stick to your decisions.

It is also important to have a list of “Trigger Foods”; these are foods that trigger your cravings. These types of food need to be avoided altogether.

In today’s world there are fortunately restaurants and even fast food outlets that offer healthier food choices. Try to go to these outlets and to make the healthier menu choices at restaurants.

One thing to remember at this stage is not to go on a diet. The fight to overcome your food addiction is hard enough and you don’t need extra pressure that sticking to a diet will make. Rather seek to live a healthier life by changing your lifestyle and making sure the changes are sustainable.

If all this is not solving your problem then you must turn to a professional for help. A psychologist or psychiatrist can help you with your food addiction. Please remember that there are also support groups that could help, these groups are able to encourage you in your quest for healthier living.

Why Change to LED lighting ?

The use of LED or light-emitting diode has increased rapidly over the years, offering better light quality and it is a power saving smart solution. It is one of the best eco-friendly options out there and LED Lights have many benefits and advantages, here are a few ideas for you to consider.

led bulb suppliers
1.    How energy efficient are LED Lights?
LED Lights are a highly energy efficient when compared to conventional light bulbs. The conventional bulbs are only 20% efficient meaning that they only use this amount to produce light and 80% of the energy is lost as heat. The LED lights actually use 80% of the electric energy, into light and only 20% is lost to other forms of energy such as heat. The LED lights also use about 50% less electricity than other options resulting in higher energy cost savings. High Quality led bulbs in Cape Town are available from the GoGreen Guys.
2.    The LED Lights are Durable
The LED Light is very durable and do not have filaments or thin glass enclosures, can withstand rough conditions and are less likely to break easily. This type of lighting is a great outdoor option as it can withstand exposure to all types of weather conditions.
3.    Instant Light
Many lighting options need some time to reach full brightness when they are switched on. The LED lights on the other hand come on immediately at 100% brightness. This can be very helpful especially in cases where security is an issue and why they are useful in things like traffic lights. The LED lights can also be switched on and off constantly without affecting the lifespan of the lights.
4.    Amount of light is controlled
The LED lights can be made to dim when needed and this system can be easily installed. The costs to make commercial fluorescent lights dimmable is very expensive so going for the LED option will be a lot more cost effective.
5.    Can operate in very cold temperatures
Fluorescent lamps do not like cold temperatures and a higher voltage is needed to start up.  The LED lights operate well and at a higher efficiency under cold conditions and are therefore a great choice to use as refrigerator lights, in cold storage spaces and for outdoor usage.
6.    Safe to use
Heat and Ultraviolet radiation that usually comes from the normal incandescent lamps can pose a problem by being a burn hazard to you any materials close by. The Led lights produce very little Infrared Light and virtually no UV emissions. These lights can therefore be used in places like museums or art galleries. They are also good to help prevent burnt fingers.
7.    Low Voltage
This comes in handy when you go camping or is important in rural areas. A low voltage power supply is enough to light up any LED lights. You can use things like an external solar energy source to power your LED lighting. Inverters Cape Town can also be useful with voltage adjustments.
8.    Focus lighting
The glass or conventional light bulbs disperses light in all directions where the LED lights can be focused and directed in a specific direction. These lights can therefore produce light to a desired location a lot more efficiently.
9.    Eco-Friendly
Most fluorescent lights contain toxic material like mercury which is hazardous to the environment. The LED lights are free of any toxic chemicals and can be 100% recycled. The lifespan of an LED light is longer than the conventional light bulbs saving on material and production and reducing your carbon footprint. Money and energy is saved when using LED lighting.
10. Easy to use
LED Lights are easy to install and there is a variety of home and industrial products available. These lights are used from lighting walkways, kitchen lighting, even holiday lights and the list is growing every year.

Tanzanian Forum Delegate Promotes Tourism

Shirika la Umeme of Tanzania appeared to be on a tourism marketing exercise whilst attending the Global Forum, enthralling us with his accounts of the amazing Zanzibar Hotels.

Just set foot on Zanzibar and wondering what can keep you busy for the duration of your stay? Don’t worry, we have given you a list of activities that you can do while enjoying the beautiful holiday destination of Zanzibar.
•    Cheetah’s Rock: If you are an ultimate animal lover, Cheetah’s Rock will be sure to satisfy your animal passion. Cheetah’s Rock has every animal you can think of and the animals are pretty friendly too. A cocktail juice can be served at arrival or departure and you can have a tour around Cheetah’s Rock, meeting and greeting all the precious creatures that are present. The staff also show great affection for the animals which is pretty much a bonus.
•    Scubafish Zanzibar Ltd: Maybe you went to Zanzibar conquer some of your fears and maybe diving is one of them. Scubafish Zanzibar Ltd is here to help you not only conquer your fears but fall in love with diving too! The staff is available to assist you in anyway possible and they know how much of a terrifying experience diving might be so they are quite patient with you. Relax; you are in safe sea hands. Scubafish are also a great source of information for the best Zanzibar accommodation.
•    Dive Point Zanzibar, Matemwe: Dive Point in Zanzibar caters for outdoor and water sports. Not only is it a water sports company but also a diving school that boosts of experienced and skilled divers. The fact that it is a diving school shows the amount of commitment the experienced divers have towards their beginners. The staff doesn’t only care about the first timers but also experienced and skilled divers who come to Dive Point. At Dive Point, your life is in safe and reliable hands.
•    Friendly Taxi’s and Tours: There is a misconception that the only activity you can get up to in Zanzibar is watersports. Wrong memo, you can get a tour around Zanzibar meeting and getting to know the community and residents better. During this tour, you have the opportunity of studying the culture and history of Zanzibar. You can hire a taxi or pre-arrange it before you get to Zanzibar so you can tour the place and get a better feel of it.
•    Palace Museum, Beit-al Sahel: If history is your thing, you might want to visit the Palace Museum, Beit-al Sahel while in Zanzibar. The museum greets you with a glorious structure as you enter the building. As you tour around the museum, you start getting an idea of the history of the people of Zanzibar. It is often said that you can’t visit a different country or city and have no interest in knowing its history. After your visit or tour of the glorious museum, you will have an idea of what Zanzibar and its people are all about.
•    Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery, Stone Town: Fancy getting inked while enjoy your holiday destination? Hurumzi Gallery Art Gallery is just the place you looking for. The small store caters for all those hand painting lovers. The store has some lovely paintings that are color, unique and creative for people who love the admiration of art. The women who work at the store are friendly and welcoming. This small store has Muslim owners who are very creative in maintaining their store in artistic and yet fascinating ways.

There are many other places that you can visit while enjoying your stay in Zanzibar. Essentially, it boils down to what kind of place you prefer. It is important also to be open to options because the whole point of visiting and touring a new place is to learn more about it.

Have fun!

Innovative entrepreneurs assist European volunteers and interns in Africa

Africa simply does not benefit from endless financial aid from first world countries. As the saying goes, rather teach a man to fish for a lifetime than give him a meal for a day. African Sunrise Volunteers is comprised of some innovative entrepreneurs that are making it easier for students and scholars to volunteer in Africa or complete an internship in Africa. It is extremely common with First World learners to journey to a remote African country like Ghana, Senegal or South Africa and offer freely of his or herself, working with local community projects and helping the disadvantaged and / or underprivileged uplift themselves. There are lots of internship and volunteer emplacement specialists on the internet that can be of assistance with supporting students serious about finding the right project placements. Typically these kinds of organizations can assist the intern with settling in, supplying them with residence, putting these folks in initiatives that his or her studies or life skills can best be put to use.

Luckily through conferences like the Global Forum for innovation and entrepreneurship, like minded people are able to come together and share ideas and innovative new ways of approaching problems that need to be solved. Learning to be a volunteer in a foreign country is not necessarily for everybody. It requires a certain kind of person who is able to freely give of themselves and share their knowledge and certification to improve the lives of substantially less privileged. Having said that, an increasing number of scholars are making the choice to do it which is fabulous to hear that there are a great number of generous people about. There has been a steady build up of application submissions by individuals ready to volunteer in Africa. Cape Town is rather popular with scholars wishing to complete an internship and good intentioned individuals willing to volunteer and participate in the initiatives and ventures being monitored by Charity Organizations in the area. African Sunrise Volunteers are the real thing, giving  quality guidance to their applicants and diverting their commitment all the way through to the projects that will actually make full use of their expertise. Volunteering is all about offering up your efforts toward a worthy cause, absolutely free. It is a chance to help other folks who are in need that hopefully will benefit from your schooling, abilities and experience.

Cape Town is a popular option for plenty of people, most likely due to the natural splendor, the nature, the mountains, the weather and the diverse cultural heritage.  African Sunrise volunteers is a volunteer and intern positioning agency which specializes in helping persons from overseas in finding the optimal spot for them. African Sunrise facilitates their volunteers and interns by providing all of them with secure effective placements, positioning interns or volunteers in tthe most relevant projects best suited to their particular skills. For those who have studied psychology or have an interest in psychology, you will be slotted into a course that your skills can be used.
African Sunrise Volunteers offer you a base entrance time-span of 3 months at a package rate.

This three month package covers :

  1. • Assistance with organizing your Visa papers should you choose to stay for longer than three months
  2. • A wonderful outing to the Cape Point Nature Reserve as well as the penguin sanctuary at Simonstown
    • Reliable Lodging for the period of your internship
    • Project placing with a program which makes use of a person’s interests or ones knowledge
  3. • A bequest to the programme you are working on as a valuable outcome of your time and efforts
    • A mentor selected to be with you on your programme
    • A fabulous Introduction Day where everyone is encouraged to socialize and also have some fun
  4. • The specifics that belong to the contact person at African Sunrise who’s available Around the clock to help you out
    • An authorized sim to make use of in South Africa, making it simpler to stay in contact with new friends and colleagues.

volunteers in cape town

Please check the African Sunrise Volunteers website for updated information regarding the specific projects and programs that they are currently engaged with. Support these innovative vibrant people who have shown their commitment to helping the less fortunate through providing a very reputable placement service.


Southern Suburbs Psychologist’s Innovative Approach

Are you feeling tired all the time, low on energy and struggling to cope with ordinary day to day activities ? Its quite possible that you may be suffering from depression. There are many tell tale signs of depression that present themselves, here a just a few :

  • Increased Alcohol intake and behaving recklessly
  • Persistent negative or defeatist thinking
  • Feeling exhausted all the time for no apparent reason
  • A general feeling of overwhelm and helplessness
  • You may feel abnormally irritable and short tempered
  • You find yourself isolating from friends and family
  • Your appetite and sleeping patterns have changed noticably
  • You struggle to stay focused and complete ordinary tasks

It’s quite possible for many people to not realize that they are actually depressed until the depression reaches an overwhelming level, according to southern suburbs psychologist, Anita Prag. Anita is based in Bergvliet in the southern suburbs of Cape Town but has patients from Meadowridge, Constantia, Tokai, Diep River as well as many other suburbs in Cape Town.

The symptoms of depression vary from one person to another but the aforementioned ones are the most common. Recent statistics have shown that more than three hundred and forty million people worldwide have suffered from depression at some or other time in their lives. Untreated, people that suffer from depression can be at risk of committing suicide or harming themselves and others. Anita is an experienced and well qualified psychologist that has treated many patients struggling with depression during her time as a qualified clinical psychologist.

anita prag psychologist bergvliet

After completing her Masters Degree in Psychology at the Stellenbosch University, Anita served as a psychologist in DRC where she treated many soldiers struggling with depression and trauma related to conflict and stress experienced while fighting in the war torn country.

Anita went on to open her own private practice at 117 Main Rd, Bergvliet, in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. Anita treats patients of all ages from all walks of life, including children, adolescents and the elderly. She believes in a holistic approach to dealing with her patients. Not all patients are the same and therefore there is no hard and fast rule of how to deal with each person and their particular difficulties they may be experiencing in their lives. The most important thing is that the patient feels safe and trusting in the therapeutic environment. Without trust between the psychologist and the patient, there is not much hope of making progress. Anita first completes a thorough intake with each patient, making sure to record all relevant information concerning the patients history. Anita has experience in treating patients that are suffering from depression, anxiety, life difficulties relating to divorce or loss or the breakdown of interpersonal relationships. It is recommended that if you are a resident of the southern suburbs that you visit her website, where there is some in depth information about her practice and the areas that she focuses on. Anita Prag is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and is contracted to all Medical Aid schemes. Anita strives to provide a safe and contained environment where patients can learn about themselves, grow through their difficulties and learn new coping skills.

Claremont dentist keeps up with technological advances

We all know that technology is moving faster and faster with new products and innovations being released all the time. Buy the latest gadget today with all the bells and whistles and guaranteed in a month or two, something better with more features will be released. Technological advances and new innovations are not limited to mobile phones. These leaps ahead are seen across all industries and the equipment that is being used. The medical and dental industries are not excluded. The costs of staying abreast with technology in these industries is exorbitant. Local Cape town dentist, Dr P. Singh, chatted to us about the need to stay abreast with technological improvements. The Claremont dentist explained the costs involved for a newly qualified dentist in South Africa, who wants to start his own practice. For a dentist that has just qualified at dentistry, the capital required to start his or her own practice runs into millions of rands. In most cases many of these newly qualified dentists will already be in considerable debt, having to pay off their bank loans for their tuition fees. Dr Singh has been been based in Claremont for over seven years  now and has a broad customer base. Having all the very  latest equipment is not necessarily essential but it is still important for dentists in Cape Town and the rest of South Africa to stay abreast with technological developments in dentistry. The dental association of South Africa is well organized and helps it’s members stay abreast with global technological innovations according to Dr Singh. The Global Forum held in South Africa 2013 showcased technology and innovative strategies in many fields including dentistry. Besides servicing the areas of Claremont, Newlands and Kenilworth, Dr Singh is also conveniently situated if you are looking for dentist in Rondebosch. The dental practice is situated right in the center of these four suburbs and provides convenient traffic free access.

Claremont Cape Town

Please contact us via our contact page or email us on to give us feedback or recommend local businesses in your area that are showing innovative uses of technology in their field.

Cape Entrepreneur provides sober house in Cape Town

Still with the conference theme of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we thought we would cast our eyes in the direction of a relatively new but much needed healthcare sector. Substance abuse and the treatment and rehabilitation of these people is a global concern and Southern Africa is by no means an exception. Every year, more and more people world wide are being accepted into rehabilitation centers for substance abuse, including alcohol, street drugs like cocaine and heroine, and pharmaceutical , prescription drugs. Addictive behaviors extend still further into process addictions, like online gaming, gambling, sex and love addiction and so on. Underneath any addictive behavior lies an obsessive compulsive tendency to follow through with an action, regardless of how clear the negative consequences are to that person, Rehabs isolate these people for a period of time, give them some tools they can use, then send them off afterwards, to reintegrate back into society. Many of these people are not yet strong enough to cope with all the triggers of their previous lifestyles. Something as random as smelling the sulfur from a burning match might cause a rehabilitated addict to recall some kind of euphoric experience related to their drug use, and that’s a very strong trigger fro a potential relapse.

sober living in Cape Town

Scotswood Retreat was founded by Cape Town entrepreneur, Julia Finnis-Bedford, at a time where innovative ways of looking at dealing with helping people transition smoothly from rehabilitation centers, back into normal healthy living, was much needed.  Scotswood Retreat is a large tranquil, Victorian Farmhouse, set on six acres of private estate in Constantia, Cape Town.  The retreat has a total of eight beds available. The rooms are comfortable with feather duvets, there’s a fantastic large lounge area complete with original log fireplace, and french doors that lead out onto the enclosed private garden and swimming pool. Free DSTV and WIFI facilities are included in the fees. There are professional staff on site, lockers where valuable can be safely stored if needed, a registered recovery assistant, addiction counseling if required, relapse prevention group meetings every Wednesday, Evening meals are cooked Sunday to Friday and the house is serviced three times per week. The house is conveniently located to Malls, Coffee Shops and restaurants as well as AA and NA meetings in the area.

Julia Finnis-Bedford and her team, Sue Van Der Wath, Louisa Baronetti and Ruby Weber, are a skilled and dedicated team whose strengths compliment each others.  A job well done by this Cape Town entrepreneur, in using innovation to help addicts find their way home. So, if you are someone you may know is looking for peaceful sober living in Cape Town, I recommend you follow the links in this article to Scotswood Retreat.



Ashanti Lodge on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

So we that the purpose of infoDev’s Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship,  is in convening the global innovation and entrepreneurship community to exchange know-how, establish partnerships and develop innovative approaches. infoDev is a global partnership program in the World Bank Group. Its mission is to enable innovative entrepreneurship for sustainable, inclusive growth and employment in developing countries.  Hosted by the South African government in East London in 2013,  over 550 business incubator managers, policy-makers, SME entrepreneurs, financiers and development agencies from all continents for a unique south-south and north-south networking and knowledge-sharing experience. The Global Forum provides a platform like no other for these parties to get to know each other.  Participants came to the event to be exposed to new business models, ideas and methodologies, as well as to meet people with similar interests in other countries and other industries and to explore partnerships and capacity-building opportunities. One such business enterprise that stood out from among the rest was Cape Town based outfit, Ashanti Lodge.

Ashanti Lodge bacpackers Cape Town

The Cape Town based holiday accommodation business, headed by Craig Jonstone and Lisa Krone, who co founded the business over twenty years ago, have proven themselves over and over again in their ability to keep innovating within the sector of tourism that has fallen upon them. Using their entrepreneurial skills, and innovative thinking , the couple from Ashanti Lodge has cemented themselves in as the authoritative brand when it comes to backpacking and looking for top quality board and lodgings within this framework. Ashanti Lodge  Backpackers in Gardens has an incredible Table Mountain view, Ashanti Gardens is one of the original Cape Town backpacker hostels that offer budget accommodation options in dormitories and private rooms.

In the adjacent side streets the Ashanti Gardens Backpackers, are Victorian guesthouses with beautiful en-suite rooms each with satellite tv, free wi-fi and self-catering kitchen. Secure and quiet and just a few minutes walking into Cape Town city centre.

Not more than a few kilometers away, is the Ashanti Lodge Backpackers Greenpoint. Within walking distance to Cape Town Stadium and the V&A Waterfront this is a newer, stylish, quieter private backpackers hostel which is also close to the city’s nightlife activities.

The Ashanti Lodge owners, Craig and Lisa, have used their unique entrepreneurial vision and innovative skills in creating such a successful business model that performs so well. It would not be successful, were it not for the endorsements received by all their clients and customers, many of whom regularly come back every year at the same time.  The Travel Centre located adjacent to the reception, allows a guest to book almost any kind of African adventure available, Skydiving, Surfing, Shark Cage Diving, Mountain biking, hiking etc etc. Most weekdays, the Overland trucks can be seen offloading tourists and collecting new ones to head off into Africa for another adventure with waterfalls lions ans Elephants.

If you’ve just arrived in Cape Town and you’re looking for the best backpackers Cape Town, then you have to go to Ashanti Lodge and see whats available you. If you don’t, you may be sorry later.


Innovative South African Company

The Sugar Crystal Company is a South African company that has been growing from strength to strength over the past fifteen years, developing and gradually refining their process for the mass production of rock candy sticks.

sugar swizzle sticks

The company was started over fifteen years ago by Cape Town entrepreneur, Richard Morris. Richard had previously run several successful businesses in the past including FrozFrut, one of the first frozen yoghurt frozen suckers to be marketed in South Africa. The business traded very successfully , at one point securing the sole rights to sell on the prestigious Clifton Beach in Cape Town. Following on that success, Richard went on to start another great venture,  Take-the Prith, a cheese wholesale business, which he later went on to sell. In 2002, Richard, with the help of a few founding partners, started the Sugar Crystal Company. The early days were not easy and many of the founding partners fell by the wayside. Despite the difficulties in the beginning, Richard would not be swayed from his vision and pushed on, financially committing himself completely. The company gradually pulled forward, making some ground breaking innovations in the technology they were utilizing to produce the sugar crystal swizzle sticks for tea and coffee. As time passed, despite the global economic downturn, the business began exporting on a larger and larger scale, delaying with some large international clients. The Sugar Crystal Store website was launched where South African businesses and customers could order the product online for local delivery. A simple website offering all the company’s products, including their tremendously popular range of Rock Candy swizzle sticks. The Rock Candy range consists of twelve colors and zesty fruity tongue twisting flavors.


The was a huge surge in demand for the rock candy range, particularly in the blue color after the the release of the popular animated movie, Frozen. It was the latest craze for little girls to have the blue sugar crystal swizzle sticks as treats at their birthday parties. The Sugar Crystal company capitalized on this craze and production increased 3 fold to point where it was time to completely update the the factory. The business moved premises and trebled in size and capacity. The Sugar Crystal company provides employment for many African women, thanks to the innovative technology developed by them.